Wednesday, August 21, 2013

19th August, 2013
Colombo – 03.

Dear Sir,

Re: Unit No:             of Mesothelioma Plaza.
I refer to our previous correspondence. I regret to note that, as at 31stJuly, 2013, a sum of Rs _________ is due and owing from you to the MesotheliomaPlaza Management Corporation in respect of Service Charges.
As you are aware, Monthly Service Charges Payments has not been made since couple of months despite several reminders being sent to you requesting to settle the amounts which have fallen in to arrears in respect of Service Charges. 

I wish to bring to your attention that, the Apartment Ownership Law No. 11 of 1973 [as Amended by Act No. 45 of 1982 and Act No. 39 of 2003], provides that the Management Corporation shall have the Power to disconnect the supply of services such as water, electricity or any other utilities provided to the individual condominium Unit/Parcel through the Management Corporation. By the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, the Ceylon Electricity Board, any local authority any other Licensee, if the owner of the condominium parcel fails to pay any of the amounts demanded by the Management Corporation.

Furthermore, under the Apartment Ownership Law No. 11 of 1973 [as Amended by Act No. 45 of 1982 and Act No. 39 of 2003], the Management Corporation will have a first charge created in its favour in respect of all unpaid amounts as regards Service Charges and other payments due from its members [i.e Condominium Unit/Parcel owners], giving the Management Corporation all the rights available to a Mortgagee and the Management Corporation will be entitled to recover this sums due to it by selling the condominium Unit/ by way of a specially passed resolution, if demanded to pay is not heeded to, by Condominium Unit/Parcel Owner. 

I hereby demand of you to pay a sum of Rs__________ which is the amount due and owing from you to the Management Corporation as at 31st July, 2013, in respect of Service Charges with in 14 Days from the date of the receipt of this letter [which is presumed to be 03 days from the date of this letter].

Please note that, in the event of non-payment within the period stipulated above, the Management Corporation will be compelled to take steps to recover the sums due and owing from you in respect of Service Charges in accordance with the provisions of Apartment Ownership Law which may include the institution of legal Action and the disconnection of Services such as Water and Electricity.
Yours Faithfully

_ _ _ _ _ Kumara

Friday, August 16, 2013

12-15,                                              (CHAIRMAN'S ADDRESS)
South Finland Road
Babarniwa Place

16th June, 2013                             (DATE)

The directors of
Mesothelioma Insurance PLC      (COMPANY NAME OF THE CAMPANY)
250, 2nd Floor, AAFFMA Building  (COMPANY ADDRESS)
South Wing

Dear Sirs/ Directors


I hereby tender my resignation as chairman of Mesothelioma Insurance PLC and therefore shall cease to be the chairman of the Mesothelioma Insurance PLC with effect from 21st August 2013.

I take this opportunity to thank the fellow directors and the Staff for the co-operation extended to me to serve in the interest of the Mesothelioma Insurance PLC during my tenure as chairman of the Mesothelioma Insurance PLC since 15th April 2000.

I take this opportunity to wish the Mesothelioma Insurance PLC every success in its future endeavours.

Yours Faithfully,

Maichal Jacksan

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13th August, 2013

Mr. Makalanda Kuriya Arachchi
Group Accountant
Mesothelioma  Insurance PLC
253/8 & 9,
3rd Floor
Mesothelioma  building
Mal Mawatha
Dear Sir,

As per request of our auditors, M/S  KPMG Ford, Rhodes and Thornton & co, Chartered Accountants, No. 32A, Sir Mohomed Macan Marker Mawatha, P.O. Box 186, USA-315. We shall be obliged if you will confirm the balances direct to them (with a copy to us) 

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Malsara Kumara

Friday, August 9, 2013

08th August, 2013

Mesothelioma  Insurance PLC
Dialog Lane 
Colombo 02 

Dear Sir


With Reference to the quotation called under the M/S George Steuart & Company Ltd, for the above, we are glad to notify that the Management Council Has decided to award the insurance policies of Liberty Plaza Management Corporation to Mesothelioma Insurance PLC with affect from August, 08th 2013 to August, 08th 2014  

Details about the relevant Insurance Policies are as follows

S / No

Policy Type

Fire Consequential
General Accident
Surgical & Health Insurance
Cash In Transit
Fidelity Guarantee
Termite & Wire Ants

We appreciate your corporation in this regard.

Thank You

Yours Faithfully

Prof. Barak Obama
(Council Member)
Holland Michigan College  Management Corporation

Draft letter
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