Wednesday, October 31, 2012

_______ _______ MANAGEMENT CO. LTD


To                                :           The Chairman

From                            :           Accountant

Date                             :           September 24, 2012.

Subject                         :           Salary Increment      

24rt December, 2012
The Chairman
_ _ MCL

Dear Sir

Mrs. T G ________ _______ – Accounts Clark

The above employee has been working for _ _ MCL as the Accounts Clark, since October, 2007.

She has been handling Staff Salaries, Debtors control, Overtime, Preparing monthly and Final Accounts; provide assistance for Car park operation, liaison with tenants and shops owners for smooth operation of _ _ MCL , providing all king of account related information to Accountant to get necessary actions etc.

Also she works long hours and also takes necessary decisions whenever required and informs her superiors including the chairman. Her attendance is always regular and punctual.

So, she is an asset to the _ _ MCL  and should be motivated by compensating financially to get more involvement on getting efficient services of finance division.

Therefore she is recommended to monthly salary increment.

Forwarded for your evaluation and Approval, Please.

Thank You,

_._._.S. Kumarasingha


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