Wednesday, October 31, 2012

______ Liyanage
_______ Management (Pvt) Ltd
_______ ________ Road

1992. 09. 27

The Manager
Lake View Book Shop
________  _______ Road

Order - Not Received

As per the Purchase Order NO : PO/1992/09/01 we ordered 5 books from your book shop. the date of same PO is 15th July, 1992.

The Ordered books are as follows

Book                                                                  Author
Madoldoowa                                                    - Martin Wickramasingha
Ape Gama                                                      -           -Do-
Hapana                                                           - T.P. Illangarathna
Oliver Twist                                                      - Charles Dicknons
Computer & You                                               - John Bert leet

Further, we have paid Rs. 4250/= in money order numbered 3742532 at Rathnalana post office. therefore, please have a look at this matter and send the books to us as early as possible.

Thanking you,

_______ Liyanage


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