Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Resolution in writing of the Members of the Council of Ciachef edu Management corporation Condominium Plan No. 3118 adopted by circulation on 31st  March, 2014.

                                                                                    LKR 3,500,000.00
                                                                                    Current Account No: 309100122536765

We the undersigned being the Council Members of Ciachef edu Management Corporation, Condominium Plan No.3878 (hereinafter referred as the “Management Corporation”)


That the Management Corporation has obtained an overdraft facility of Rupees Three Million Five hundred thousand (Rs. 3,500,000/=) from Peoples bank, Ciachef edu, against the following fixed Deposit Certificate for Rupees Three Million Eight Hundred And Eighty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred And Thirty Three Cents Twenty Five (Rs. 3,889,733.25) Of Peoples Bank Ciachef edu.

We hereby resolve to redeem the above Facility

Certificate No

Further Resolved:

That any two Council Members of the Corporation be and are hereby authorized to sign any document in connection with Redeem the above facility.

NAMES OF THE COUNCIL MEMBERS                                     SIGNATURE

Mr. Damith Kumarasingha                                                       ………………………

Prof. Kris Herath                                                                    ………………………

(Council Member)

Monday, June 16, 2014
11th November, 2014

Mrs. Webex Costa
Email Bulk Services (Pvt) Ltd.
Holland Michigan College Road
Met Auto
R. M. Neuson Silva
Cheap Insurance In Va Company PLC
Futuristic Architecture Avenue

Dear Sir,


Please be good enough to change the ownership of the shop number as of 08th may 2014. To Mrs Webex Costa                               

A copy of the deep of transfer (no: 2771A) is attached here with for you reference.

Thanking you
Yours Faithfully,

Mrs Webex Costa

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

22thMarch, 2013.

Mr. Webex Costs Fernando
Met Auto (Pvt) Ltd,
No. 58/40 Neuson Road,
South Dakota,

Dear Sir,


This is to inform you that lease agreement is expiring on 16th April 2013. The Management has decided to extend the period for another Three year  commencing from 16thApril 2013 to 15th April 2015 with a 20% increase. The new rate will
be Rs. 21,520/= plus taxes.

If you are agreeable, please inform us to prepare the agreement.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ratnapala Dissanayake


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Resolution in writing of the members of the directors of Mesothelioma Law Firm Management (Pvt) Ltd,  adopted by circulation on 15th August 2014


We the undersigned being the Council Members of the directors of Mesothelioma Law Firm Management (Pvt) Ltd,. (Hereinafter referred as the “Mesothelioma Law Firm”)


That the Director's of the Mesothelioma Law Firm have decided to have the Insurance Policy No. F/010/FIB/78234 issued in joint names of Mesothelioma Law Firm Management (Pvt) Ltd and Colombo Land Development Company PLC. Annexure A given the details of units owned by Chep Auto insurance in va PLC  which is LKR 1,208,120,243.65 from the total value of LKR 3,250,000,000.00should be assigned in favor of Mortgage Adviser Bank PLC.


Dr. Neuson Godhathilaka          

Prof. Asbestos Lung 

Mr. Dineth Jayapala
RCH 2011

Monday, June 9, 2014



ANTENNA NO.01      


THIS agreement made and entered into at Colombo this 1st day of December Two Thousand and Thirteen between THE BUSINESS VOIP SOLUTIONS CO. LTD PV NO.3878 is having its Registered Office at No. 286, Liberty Plaza. R.A.De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, in the Democratic Socialist Republic of USA [hereinafter referred to as "The BVSCL" which term or expression shall where the context so requires or admits mean and include the said Management Corporation Condominium Plan No.3878 and its successors and assigns] of the ONE PART and VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS PLC(formerly known as VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS Telekom PLC) a company duly incorporated under the laws of Sri Lanka bearing No. PQ38 and having its registered office at No.475, Union Place,  Colombo-2 carrying on business in the said Republic [hereinafter called and referred to as “The User” which term or expression shall where the context so requires or admits shall mean and include the said VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS  PLC and its successors] of the OTHER PART.


WHEREAS the BVSCL is the owner of the common areas of the property called and known as the BUSINESS VOIP SOLUTIONS Building.

AND WHEREAS the User has now requested the BVSCL for lease of a portion of the Roof - Top described in the sketch thereto referred to as Schedule 1 for the purpose of installing separately three antennas on the parapet wall each three meters in height and supporting ancillary equipment on the rooftop of the premises hereinafter called “Antenna No 1and marked [AN 1] for the purpose of a telecommunications network of the User and whereas the BVSCL has agreed with the User to lease the said Roof Top space and parapet wall demarcated by the BVSCL and identified by both parties hereto on the roof top of the Premises upon the terms and conditions contained herein.

AND WHEREAS the User has now requested the BVSCL to start this lease Agreement for a  period of Two (02) years and six (06) months the BVSCL has agreed with the User to start upon the terms and conditions contained herein


1.               That this agreement shall commence from the First (01st )  December 2013 to Ninth(09th) June 2016 

2.        That the Corporation hereby permits the User to continue with the operations of the 3 separate poles of height and weight respectively of 3 meters and 20kg each an ancillary equipment of           300Kg for antenna placed on the roof Top hereinafter called and referred to as the User as “Antenna No.1” on the parapet wall and the roof Top of the said BUSINESS VOIP SOLUTIONS Premises for the above mentioned period commencing on the 01stday of December Two Thousand and Thirteen (2013).

3.     That the User hereby covenants and agrees with the Corporation as follows:

(a)    A sum of RUPEES TWO MILLION TWO HUNDRED NINETY THREE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT AND CENTS FIFTY FIVE (Rs. 2,293,878.55) excluding VAT and /or any other taxes imposition or levies payable to the Government being the first year’s license fees commencing on the First (1st) December 2013 and ending on Thirtieth(30th) November 2014.

(b)   A sum of RUPEES TWO MILLION SIX HUNDRED THIRTY SEVEN THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY AND CENTS THIRTY THREE (Rs.2,637,960.33) excluding  VAT and /or any other taxes imposition or levies payable to the Government being the second year’s license fees commencing on the First (1st) December 2014 and ending on Thirtieth(30th) November 2015.

(c)    A sum of RUPEES ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED SIXTEEN THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED TWENTY SEVEN AND CENTS EIGHTEEN (Rs.1,516,827.18) excluding VAT and /or any other taxes imposition or levies payable to the Government being the third year’s license fees commencing on the First (1st) December 2015 ending on Ninth(09th) June 2016.

4.               That the User shall use the Antenna No.1 strictly for the purpose of the User's telecommunications network.

5.               The User undertakes to ensure that no interference signals are injected into any other systems and/or other antennas installed at the Liberty Plaza.

6.               The User shall take suitable steps to ensure compliance with the relevant rules and regulations set out by the Director General of Telecommunications as provided under Act No.25 of 1991.

7.               The Corporation shall permit the User and its authorized Officers and workmen to enter the premises and proceed to the rooftop for installation, inspection, repair and maintenance work of the Antenna and its ancillary equipment at all reasonable times on working days, viz., between 8.00 am and 5.00 p.m. or at any time by prior appointment and on such conditions that may be specified by the Corporation, of the direction of the Ministry of Defense.   

8.               The User agrees to remove dismantle or move Antenna No.1 as and when required by the Corporation in writing after having been given three [3] calendar months notice.

9.               The User undertakes to ensure that the waterproofing of the roof slabs or any unit and the structural stability of the building or any unit or part thereof or any walls columns pillars roof slabs pipes and ducts or any other fittings or fixtures will not be affected in any way due to erection and operation of the said Antenna No.1 and all costs or any damage and repairs and replacement of items shall be met by the User.

10.           Structural drawings of the said Antenna No. 1 and its ancillary equipment be submitted by the user shall form part and parcel of these presents.

11.           The User agrees that the Antenna No. 1 will not restrict the surrounding Urban Development especially as regards to the location and height of buildings.

12.           The User shall pay for any electricity and other connections including the monthly standby Power charges required for the rate prevailing at that time as per Council approval required for the use and operation of Antenna No. 1 based on the invoices submitted by the Corporation.

13.           The User undertakes to attend to the repairs and maintenance of the Antenna No.1 and the Corporation shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever the maintenance and security of the Antenna.

14.           All fees levies charges rates and taxes that may be duly charged by local Authorities and other statutory bodies in respect of the use of the said Antenna shall be paid by the User.

15.           Any license approvals that may be required for the use of the said Antenna No-01 shall be   obtained and kept update by the User at its own cost and expense. It shall be the responsibility of the User to inform the Corporation of such updated license approval.

16.           The User shall not contravene any Law and regulations of the Government of Sri Lanka or by laws of any statutory body.

17.           The User shall provide an aircraft warning signal light where the auto-switching device will be adjusted even when there is an overcast sky. The User shall ensure that the afore described signal light is connected to a standby power supply.

18.           The user shall provide earthling arrangements to the said Antenna at its own cost without damage or danger to any structure or any part of the Liberty Plaza Building. This earthling system must have the written approval of the Corporation.

19.           The User agrees to remove the Antenna or take immediate action whenever deemed necessary as directed by the Corporation or its authorized Officers in the case of cancellation of license issued by any Authorized Organization or any technical defects which would be harmful to the building due to the installation and use of the said Antenna transmission and lighting conductor etc.

20.           It is further agreed by and between the parties hereto that the User shall not claim any compensation for the goodwill or for any loss of business suffered by them at the termination of the agreement.

21.           The User shall not lease let or rent out the said antenna or any part thereof without the prior written approval of the corporation.

22.           The Corporation doth hereby covenants with the User as follows:

(a)    To allow the User to peaceably hold occupy and enjoy the roof top space for the Antenna during the term hereby granted without any interruption by the Corporation.

(b)   During the period of this Agreement the Corporation shall not sell or mortgage or otherwise dispose of the demised roof top space without prior written intimation to the User.
(c)    In the event of the Corporation or any other person under its authority installs an Antenna/s and / or tower/s on the Roof Top of the building at No.250, R.A.De Mel Mawatha, Liberty Plaza, Colombo - 03 the Corporation shall use its best endeavors to prevent any interference or interruption of the telecommunication signals received by the User as a result of such installation and operation of the said new or existing tower and/or antenna.

(d)   To permit the User to install at its cost and expense a separate electricity meter (certified by CEB) with connected wiring and cabling from LPMC’s standby power supply. The charges for the electricity consumed shall be paid for the User at the standby power rate prevailing at that time

(e)    To keep at his cost and expense throughout the term hereof the said building standing on the said allotment of land in the said scheduled hereto fully described insured against all loss or damage by fire malicious damage, riot, lightening, explosion, impact damage and such other insurable value  thereof. In the event of the said building or any part thereof been destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause all monies received on such insurance shall be forthwith expended by the Corporation in restoring and reinstating the said building as herein provided. 

23.  (a)The User shall indemnify and hold harmless the Corporation its officers and representatives and all
other occupants and users of the Liberty Plaza premises from all damage that may arise directly and/or indirectly by the installation and continuous use of the User's Antenna No.1 on the roof - top of the Liberty Plaza or the use of any unit in the premises by the User.

(b)The User shall be under obligation to insure against damage to the Corporation's building caused during the installation of the Base Transceiver Station and other related equipment. Also, the User shall insure against damage to the said building by act of God or otherwise toppling of tower or part thereof causing injury to the Corporation’s personnel or public and third parties.

24.           No advertisement sign boards or hoarding of any kind shall be hung fixed or displayed on or from the said Antenna structure or any part of the roof - top by the User.

25.              Upon the termination of this agreement the User shall remove and dismantle at its own cost and expense the said Antenna No.1 and all other structures erected or fitted by the User in the premises and remove them from the THE BUSINESS VOIP SOLUTIONS Complex under the supervision of the Corporation's representatives

26.           In the event the User defaults in the payment of the annual license fee on the due date or dates in any of the extended period of this agreement, that may be agreed upon, the Corporation shall be entitled to one or more of the following remedies to safeguard its interests: -

            (a)        To withdraw facilities for access to the roof- top.

            (b)        Annul this agreement by giving the user notice of such annulment by registered post.

(c)        Without damage to the User's Antenna cables and ancillary equipment, dismantle and remove the said Antenna and the expenses incurred by the Corporation for dismantling removing and disconnecting and thereafter storing the Antenna, cables and its ancillary equipment until the same is received by the User shall be met by the User.
(d)       File action in a court of Law for the recovery of all sums due with a 2.5% compound interest rate per month that will have accrued.

27.           PROVIDED ALWAYS AND IT IS HEREBY mutually agreed by and between the Corporation and the User as follows:

(a)                The Corporation doth hereby warrant, covenant and represent unto the User that the Corporation hath good legal and full right to grant permission to use and occupy the demised premises unto the User.

(b)               If the demised premises or any part thereof shall be destroyed or damaged by fire, lightning,                  earthquake, tempest, flood or other act of God, irresistible force or as a result of civil commotion, riot or from any other cause whatsoever not within the control of the User so as to be unsuitable for occupation of the User then the rents payable hereunder shall cease or a proportionate part thereof as the case may be shall be reduced by the consent of the parties hereto until the demised premises shall have been rebuilt and shall be again fit for occupation by the User provided that if at any time during the said term the demised premises shall be destroyed by fire or otherwise as aforesaid so as to be wholly unsuitable for occupation this Agreement may be terminated at the  option of the User (such option to be declared in writing within 30 days of such event) the User in such an event paying the rent reserved up to such termination or determination and the Corporation shall in such an event refund free of interest sum of money paid in advance in respect of the rent for the unapplied period of the permit.

(c)                The Corporation may on the written request of the User made not less than 3 months before the expiration of the term hereof and if there shall not at any time of such request be any existing breach or non performance of any of the covenants on the part of the User grant a renewal of the Agreement of the demised premises on fresh terms and conditions considering the current market rentals at that time and for a further period all of which to be mutually determined and agreed upon by the Corporation and the User at that time. Provided however the rent so agreed upon shall not exceed 25% per annum of the rent paid by the User to the Corporation at the time of such expiration or sooner determination.

(d)               It shall be lawful for either party to terminate this Agreement; for a valid reason after giving three [3] months notice in writing to the other party. In the event of such termination prior to the expiration of the term hereof the Corporation shall refund free of interest sum of money paid in advance in respect of the rent for the unapplied period of the permit.

(e)                This Agreement may be terminated by 30 days written notice by the non- - defaulting party where the other party had been in breach of any terms or conditions of this Agreement.

(f)                Any notice required to be given hereunder shall be sufficiently and duly given if sent by registered post to the Corporation to No.250, Liberty Plaza R.A.De Mel Mawatha, Colombo - 03 and to the User to No.475, Union Place Colombo - 02 or to such other address written notice of which has been given to the Corporation.

28.  (a)  The provisions of Section 21 of the Value Added Tax Act No. 14 of 2002 and together with other
taxes impositions or levies payable to the Government shall apply to this Agreement.

(b) The User shall pay any increase over and above the amounts payable at the date of this agreement in
respect of Value Added Tax or any other taxes impositions or levies that may be charged or which may replace existing taxes on the license fees in respect of the said roof - top to support Antenna No. 1.

29.           Any dispute controversy or difference which may arise between the Corporation and the User in relation to or in connection with this Agreement or for the breach thereof shall first be settled amicably by the two parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE BUSINESS VOIP SOLUTIONS PV NO.3878 and VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS PLC have caused their respective Common Seal to be affixed to these presents and two others of the same tenor on the date month and year at the beginning hereof written.

The common Seal of the within named                                                                                                   
BUSINESS VOIP SOLUTIONS                                      ]           
PV NO.3878 is hereto Affixed in the                                   ]
presence of MR. Danawardana Jayasanka(Chairman)     ]
and Mr C. K. Dwarahena(Council Member)                     ]
who do attest the sealing thereof.                                          ]                                                                                                                      




the common seal of the within named                         ]
VIRTUAL DATA ROOMS PLC  is hereto affixed   ]
In the presence of                                                      ]
            and                                                               ]                                                                      
who do attest the sealing thereof                                 ]

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