Thursday, February 9, 2012



To                    :           The Chairman

From                :           Accountant

Date                :           January 30, 2012

Subject            :           PURCHASE A COMPUTER TABLE & CHAIR

This is to inform you that new computer Table and chair should be purchase to Finance department for the use of newly appointed accounts Clarks.   

The summary of Quotations received to supply Computer Table and a Chair, are given in the attached list.
M/s. Don Carolis & Sons (Pvt) Ltd.
            Supply of Computer Table (cherry Melamine)                        -           Rs.  11,000.00
            Writing Table with Key Board Tray                                         -           Rs.  11,500.00

M/s. (DAMRO) D.R. Industries (Pvt) Ltd     

Supply of Computer Table (HCT107)                                      -           Rs.  11,352.50             Supply of Computer Table (KCT017)                                                   -           Rs.  11,191.00

M/s. Enex Agencies (Pvt) Ltd           
            Supply of Computer Table (CT 4819 CL)                                 -           Rs.    8,153.60
            Supply of Computer Table (CT 2448 CL)                                 -           Rs.    8,612.80

Further, Need to purchase a typist chair – Rs 4,726.25 

The above are including taxes,
Forwarded for your evaluation and approval, please.
Thanking You

K.K.N.S XXXXXX (Name of the Accountant)
(Copies of the proposals are attached.)


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